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Hollywood Concerto

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Colston HallBristol, South-West, BS1 5AR, United Kingdom
On Thursday 22 March 2018 at 19:30

In his Violin Concerto, Korngold reworked themes from several of his film scores. Lush and romantic, the music certainly brings to mind the swashbuckling films of the period. Its combination of full-throated lyricism and unbridled virtuosity made it a favourite with Jascha Heifetz and later violinists. Korngold develops the main theme in freely rhapsodic fashion, embellishing it with pyrotechnic passagework that ascends into the stratosphere. The finale melds a lively hoedown with a sweeping melody of decidedly cinematic character.

Tchaikovsky's final symphony explores the metaphysics of death – the fact that we are made of flesh and blood, and that we will all die. The composer hinted to his friends and admirers that the work might contain secret messages, but he never told them what they were. "Let them guess" he said. Copland’s overture opens in a blaze. This fanfare, and subsequent extended trumpet solo, is contrasted with a march-like theme and a lyrical melody for strings, all of which are cleverly woven into the final, joyous conclusion.

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