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Into the Light

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Colston HallBristol, South-West, BS1 5AR, United Kingdom
On Thursday 3 May 2018 at 19:30

It is in the Fifth Symphony that you truly encounter the genius of Beethoven through the musical manifestations of his intimate thoughts, his secret sorrows and his intensely concentrated rage. A sense of a power struggle between tonic minor and major is played out across the entire symphony in a kind of musical competition between the forces of darkness and the avenging nature of light but in the end goodness triumphs over even the darkest fate in Beethoven's world.

One of his earliest compositions for orchestra, the Second Piano Concerto reflects Beethoven’s mastery of Classical form and style. It is a youthful work, yet shows glimpses of the mature Beethoven, especially in his use of unexpected harmonies. Haydn produced six symphonies for his second visit to England but it was the Military which caught the public’s imagination. Aside from its attractive themes and Haydn’s captivating treatment of them, the other major reason for its popularity was the appearance of percussion instruments, adding not just exotic colour but also a touch of menace.

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