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La clemenza di Tito

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Les CapucinsBaugé-en-Anjou, Pays de la Loire, 49150, France
2017 July 28 19:00, August 02 18:00, August 04 18:00
Festival: Opéra de Baugé
Konstantinos DiminakisConductor
Bernadette GrimmettDirector
Clara FournillierSopranoServilia
Justine VianiSopranoVitellia
Elsa GiannoulidouMezzo-sopranoAnnio
Monika-Evelin LiivMezzo-sopranoSesto
Nathan ValeTenorTito
Denis SedovBassPublio

The Roman empire was torn apart by civil war before Titus’ father, Vespasian, brought peace and unity. Titus offers continuity and more. He is an able and benign ruler. He has won a great victory in Palestine, brought home untold wealth in spoils and has  been awarded a triumph. The Romans love him but they will NOT let him marry a foreign woman and make her empress of Rome. Should he abdicate to live with the love of his life and plunge the country back into chaos or open the way for his brother, Domitian, an inhuman monster who is already plotting to kill him? Titus  sacrifices his happiness to his duty but, for some Romans, even that is not enough.

Mozart wrote two grand opera seria; one at either end of his career. La Clemenza di Tito is mature Mozart, composed in the last year of his life at the same time as Die Zauberflöte and the requiem. The music is sublime, the characters  fascinating, the story compelling.

La Clémence de Titus © Opéra de Baugé
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