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Crime and Punishment

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New National Theatre, Tokyo: Playhouse1-1-1 Hon-machi Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0071, Japan
March 17, 18 at 14:00
Crime and PunishmentChoreography: Akaji Maro
Dairakudakan Temptenshiki
Akaji MaroDirector
Kyoko DomotoCostume Designer

The second performance in the "Butoh Today" line-up is by Dairakudakan Temptenshiki, with its new production at the Playhouse of New National Theatre, Tokyo.

Dairakudakan was the first Butoh company that performed in France and the United States, back in 1982, and its striking impact paved the way for Butoh to be known internationally. The company continued to perform its spectacular, humorous and touching works by a group of men, and the style was given the name Temptenshiki (meaning "being born into this world is a great talent in itself"). The company has produced a great many works, regularly incorporating long-forgotten gestures and hand movements, and performs them in Japan and abroad. We invite you to come and enjoy this new piece at the New National Theatre, Tokyo.

The crime we bear the moment we are born and the punishment for it,

or rather the fact that we are born at all,

may already be a punishment -

People's crimes and punishments beset them like the cycle of death and rebirth.

Human fate as expressed by Dairakudakan director MARO Akaji

March 2018
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