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My Passion: The Choir - Dénes Szabó

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Müpa: Béla Bartók National Concert Hall1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell u. 1., Budapest, Central Hungary, Hungary
On Sunday 25 March 2018 at 11:00
Programme to be announced
Dénes SzabóChoirmaster / chorus director
Soma SzabóChoirmaster / chorus director
Nyíregyháza Cantemus Mixed Choir

In the Passions series, well-known artists discuss the passion that ties them to their work. We make no secret of our intention for the audience to feel how the performers are passionately bound to what they do.
Dénes Szabó began his studies in Nyíregyháza at Musical Elementary School No. 4, where he later organised the school's choir. The children's choir was the first to be formed and became one of the country's best choirs in 1975. It took on the name Cantemus (let's sing) - after the choral work by Lajos Bárdos - in 1978, following the first international successes. The further sections of the choral family were formed later: The Cantemus Boys' Choir (1983), in which the youngsters still sing the soprano and alto roles, while the older boys sing the tenor and bass parts; the Pro Musica Girls' Choir (1986) was created by returning graduates; the Banchieri Vocal Ensemble (1988) is made up of boys who have left elementary school; and the Cantemus Mixed Choir (1998) comprises former Cantemus singers who are now of parent age. The charismatic conductor and teacher Dénes Szabó, who founded the group and has led it with unbowed enthusiasm for decades, will introduce his choirs and the high-quality work they do together, as well as revealing the joy and community value of singing together.

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