Hans-Georg Kaiser © Marco Borggreve
Hans-Georg Kaiser
© Marco Borggreve
As part of Baroque Month, Bachtrack has been quizzing leading Baroque ensembles around the globe about the challenges of running a period instrument ensemble and how to build new audiences for their work. We also ask for some Baroque recommendations to introduce new listeners and which lesser-known composer they think deserves greater notice.

The Freiburger Barockorchester (Freiburg Baroque Orchestra) is was founded in 1987, with the mission statement: "to enliven the world of Baroque music with new sounds". Managing Director Hans-Georg Kaiser answers our questions:

1.What is one of the main challenges of running a period ensemble today?

To match both artistic aims and financial possibilities.

2. How do you bring in new audiences?

By inviting kids to take part in our education programme in our new Ensemblehaus.

3. What piece would you recommend to introduce listeners to Baroque music?

Telemann, “Hamburger Ebb’ und Fluth”

4. Which lesser-known Baroque composer would you like to hear performed more often and why?

Jan Dismas Zelenka. His music is unique and has lots of personality.

5. What is your musical guilty pleasure? (For example, “when I’m not performing/listening to Heinrich Biber, I’m actually listening to Justin Bieber…”)

To be perfectly honest: the music of Pink Floyd.

6. Which section of the ensemble is first to the bar?

That varies. It depends on the programme, the cast – and the bar’s selection of drinks, I suppose…!