On demand: At Home Concert Club IX: Verdi's Requiem

Join us on 14th December at 18:00 UK time for our next Concert Club event!

Welcome to the At Home Concert Club, a regular event in which like-minded music fans can get together online and enjoy the fantastic performances in our on demand archive. This time we'll be holding a live Twitter Q & A about the Requiem with opera conductor Matthew Waldren right after watching the video, so send in your questions now using #concertclub9. Ahead of the Q & A, you can also read our interview with Waldren about his musical background, his work at Opera Holland Park and his ambitions for the future.

18:00 - Press play on the video.

Giuseppe Verdi - Messa da Requiem

If you love dramatic music, soaring beautiful melodies and voices packed with heightened tension, Verdi's Requiem is for you. It's like a mega-music tweet: Verdi condenses all the emotions of a whole life into just 90 minutes.

This work is more like an opera than any other sacred music I know. Although there are reflective moments of great beauty, your enduring memory of Verdi's Requiem is more likely to be the glorious Dies Irae which stands at the peak of that emotional roller coaster.

Riccardo Muti put it well by saying "We're Italian, we don't pray, but we ask God to take his responsibility." And to my mind they don't ask quietly!

Come and join me on Thursday 14th at 6pm. First of all we'll listen and watch the Requiem and then opera conductor Matthew Waldren will join us to answer some questions on the Requiem on Twitter. So, get thinking what you'd like to know about, and by all means send in any burning questions you want answered ahead of that time.

- Alison Karlin

Bachtrack internalRecorded at Gothenburg Concert Hall: Stora Salen, Gothenburg, Sweden
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