Welcome to our Easter Crossword! As you'd expect, many of the clues have a musical theme...

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There are a number of named symphonies (with their English name) in this crossword which do not have a definition in the clue. There is one symphony by each of the following composers: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Carlos Chavez, Phillip Glass, Henryk Górecki, Lou Harrison, Joseph Haydn, Charles Ives, Franz Liszt, Gustav Mahler, Felix Mendelssohn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Camille Saint-Saëns, Dmitri Shostakovich, Richard Strauss & Friedrich Witt



2Average Chick Corea record (5)1Consider umpire on the French scan (7)5Manage navy one tin (10)2Woman saying deprived note (5)12Don't eat around university (5)3Shops rise later in disguise (9)13Language Britten sings west among US soldier (7)4At first, some sailor about sword (5)14Someone who stores a damaged rifle (5)6No mate is a stone (4)15In my opinion, a sibling with double energy 'it (2,1,3,2)7Flame violet record is US agency (7)16Francis is interspersed with hot cot (8) 8Hiding in piano father is good for you? (2,3)18To confused Celt (6)9Instruments phone me (5)20Hear music to a muddled chunk of land (5,7)10Going upwards with a broken thorny drawl (11)24Shropshire town the Spanish atop the French lake (9)11Against missing (8)25Resting without a unit of angle (9)17Letter student and the rest (2,2)27Music college society chamber (9)19Sweets sprawl over a single two directions (7)30I have hair to lick you first around secretly (9)21One gets out in time (3)32What is celebrated on Easter Sunday (12)22Middle Eastern Ben's missing his head (7)34Long after lower half of 17 (6)23Classic family game, but G's gone walkabout (4)36Sounds like speaking test went well (8)24Nasty drug goes pop on Chinese dish (3,4,4)39School section of a poem (8)26Emperor chain (4)43Love, love seal (1-4)28German major starts smelly fruit (3)44Or headless opera forged of a Greek poet (7)29Instrument decapitated instrument (4)45Cold confused heir becomes french darling (5)30Fish scramble (8)46Never odd or even (10)31Unwell icy rum mixed in Roman Balkans (9)47Dance, uncle degree (5)33English-American pronoun fill with love (7)35A gel ice put right (7)37Talent? Sport left lake (5)38Alternatively, gain without me? (5)40Holst part 2, removing 46 from venomous (5)41Woman, perhaps Russian, is before a beheaded Greek heroine (5)42Junk food (4)


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