As I approached the Royal Albert Hall, I noticed the beautiful architecture of the building. The experience of being there in London was amazing! I felt that I could learn a lot about the building itself just by looking at the stunning art work surrounding it.

During the first part of the concert the Scottish Chamber Orchestra played Pulcinella by Igor Stravinsky, The music being played made me feel relaxed and as if I was just focused on them playing, nothing else. Each piece I heard affected me in some sort of way. Some pieces made me feel happy and some pieces made me feel sad. I really liked the way that some pieces of music included a range of characters which changed either gradually or instantly, this engaged me more into the performance. I also liked the way the performers moved to the music, and used their instruments expressively, to me; this involved me more into what they were playing. Whilst the orchestra were playing, the three opera singers; Karen Cargill, Andrew Staples and Brindley Sheratt, shocked me to the limit. Their singing was breath-taking! When they all sang together, the sound filled the hall in such a dramatic way that everyone was completely silent, waiting for what was going to happen next! During the second part of the evening, Nicholas Angelich played Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto in A minor with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Depending on the mood of the music, it made me feel stunned, calm, sad, happy and bright. The minor key changing to the major key was accompanied with a crescendo which made the change seem bright and happy! Nicholas made his playing look so simple, as he has no music to follow! This I was very impressed by. As playing the piano is my personal ambition, I found his playing truly inspiring!

In the final part of the evening, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra continued to impress people with their wonderful playing. Again, the music made me feel stunned to believe they could have been playing like that. I thought to myself that it would have to take such talent and confidence to be able to perform like that!

In my opinion, my favourite part of the night was the piano playing by Nicholas Angelich, who was also playing alongside the orchestra. This is because I found his playing mind-blowing and technically brilliant! I think the piano and the orchestra sounded fantastic together, and the sound filled the room with delight.

To conclude, I really enjoyed the whole evening. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about the place itself, and a lot about the performers, along with the music they played. The music they produced was amazing, and the confidence they had really stunned me. I liked the way they used movement with their instruments to express the music in their own way.

Grace Burke, aged 14.

Grace attended the BBC Proms on Friday 31st July and heard the Scottish Chamber Orchestra conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin perform Stravinsky's Pulcinella with soloists Karen Cargill, Andrew Staples and Brindley Sherratt, Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor (soloist Nicholas Angelich) and Mendelssohn's “Reformation” Symphony no. 5 in D major.