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Choral music in your country...

Choral music is not just a Western tradition that began in the church, but in fact a worldwide movement that has begun at different times and in different ways in distinct countries across the world. With this in mind, this questionnaire is all about diving deeper into choral music: we want to find out about the origins of different choral music traditions, from Alaska to Australia.

Do you sing in a choir? Will you tell us a bit about it? We will share what you tell us throughout our month dedicated to Choral music - March. We won't ask for your email address: we just want to hear more about the traditions in your country and what kind of singing people enjoy today. Feel free to make your answers as long as you like. And we’ll try to cope with replies in any language! If you want to give us more information please do so by using our contact form.

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Your Choir
Are you a member of a choir? If so why did you join? How many people sing in your local choir? Is that big or small? What size is average? Are there equal numbers of men and women in your choir or not at all? Where do you meet? (church / town hall?)
Your music
Do you always sing religious music? Name several pieces of music you have sung recently. Do you sing any folk music from your country? From any other country? If so tell us what! Do you read music or is the music sung to you first? Does your choir have regular performances? How often? Do you get a large audience or not?
Your country
Do you have an idea how many choirs there are in your city and your country? Is choral music popular there? Is there any choral music taught in schools there? How much?
Select the country where you live
Type the city where you live