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Composer: Aperghis, Georges (b. 1945)

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Year of birth1945
Period20th century
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March 2018
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BerlinEnsemble Resonanz

Janáček, Aperghis
Ensemble Resonanz

HamburgEnsemble Resonanz - »Disappearances«

Janáček, Aperghis
Emilio Pomàrico; Ensemble Resonanz; Agata Zubel; Truika van der Poel
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In Europe series, Klangforum Wien surveys Greece

Iannis Xenakis in 1975, by The Friends of Xenakis
Give the Austrian body politic a victim complex to nurse, and it will gladly let off xenophobic steam. By now this well-oiled masquerade is possessed with Pavlovian inevitability. So nothing unusual then, when populist indignation about perceived Austrian vulnerability to the ongoing Greek crisis rapidly descended into ugly national stereotyping.Measured relatively, this has been a mild outbreak.
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Exaudi at Kings Place

Members of EXAUDI,  ©  David Jensen
In a pre-performance discussion, the vocal ensemble Exaudi's director James Weeks promised us that they were not just going to stand in a line for their Kings Place performance. And they were true to his word; the singers performed from all parts of the intimate Hall Two and created an immersive, involved listening experience.
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Aperghis' Situations in Berlin

Klangforum Wien © Lukas Beck
Emilio Pomárico und das Klangforum Wien sorgen mit Aperghis für einen Höhepunkt bei MaerzMusik in Berlin.
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Aperghis at Night

Uli Fussenegger © Daniel Pufe
Programm zu später Stunde: Nach einer eiligen Reise von der Orangerie im hügeligen Süden Darmstadts zur Centralstation in der Innenstadt erwartete die Zuhörer ein fesselndes Konzert mit Werken von Georges Aperghis, von dem man nicht auch nur einen kleinen Moment verpassen wollte.
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