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Composer: Marais, Marin (1656-1728)

Fact file
Year of birth1656
Year of death1728
May 2018
Evening performance
Matinee performance
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LondonThe Bach Players: Pour le Souper du Roi

Couperin, Visée, Marais, Jacquet de la Guerre, Forqueray, Rameau
The Bach Players; Nicolette Moonen; Robert Smith (viola da gamba); Linda Sayce

LondonLucile Richardot : Un hommage à Lully

Strozzi, Lambert, Lully, Marais, Du Buisson, d'Ambruys
Lucile Richardot; Thibault Roussel; Mathilde Vialle

LondonCapriccio Stravagante Trio

Rameau, Forqueray, Couperin, Marais
Capriccio Stravagante Trio; Sophie Gent; Josh Cheatham; Skip Sempé

LondonThe First Couperin: The Music of Louis Couperin

Couperin, D'Anglebert, Chambonnieres, Froberger, Marais
Skip Sempé, Harpsichord

LondonBBC Radio 3 Lunchtime concert: AAM

Couperin, Marais, Leclair, Sainte-Colombe
Academy of Ancient Music
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All the evenings of the world

Jordi Savall © Teresa Llordes
Jordi Savall's returns to 1991 film soundtrack and captivates a full house at St John's Smith Square.
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L'Esprit français: Les Talens Lyriques in Auckland

Christophe Rousset © Eric Larrayadieu
Les Talens Lyriques gave performances of the utmost sophistication and elegance, more than living up to their reputations of masters of this repertoire.
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Tafelmusik: House of Dreams

Tafelmusik © Sian Richards
Bringing together disparate art forms is no easy task, as Tafelmusik's latest concert House of Dreams sadly proves. 
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Rising Stars at Tromsø's Northern Lights Festival

Northern Lights over Tromsø © Gunnar Hildonen
The Northern Lights Festival takes place in Tromsø, Northern Norway, at the end of January each year. It is predominantly a classical music event, although that forms the core of what is always a very diverse offering, with plenty of jazz and popular music in the mix too.
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Savall in Madrid

Jordi Savall
It seems unfair to describe this as a Jordi Savall concert, when in fact Xavier Díaz-Latorre, introduced as his collaborator, played at least as fundamental a role and provided some of the most memorable moments of the evening.
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