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Composer: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)

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List of works
12 Variations in C major on "Ah vous dirai-je, maman", K265 (K300e)9 Variations in D major, K573Abendempfindung, K523Adagio and Fugue for Strings in C minor, K546Adagio in B minor for keyboard, K540Adagio in C major for Glass Harmonica, K356 (K617a)Adagio in E major for Violin, K261Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte, K520An Chloe, K524Andante in F major for a Small Mechanical Clock, K616Aria for Soprano, "No, no, che non sei capace", K419Aria for Soprano, "Schon lacht der holde Frühling", K580Aria for Soprano, "Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio", K418Arias from OperaArrangements of 5 Fugues by J.S. Bach, K405Bassoon Concerto in B flat major, K191 (K186e)Bastien und Bastienne, K50 (K46b)Cassation in B flat, K99 (K63a)Cassation no. 1 in G major, K63Church Sonata in A, K225 (K241b)Church Sonata in B flat major, K68 (K41i)Church Sonata in C major, K278 (K271e)Church Sonata in C major, K328 (K317c)Church Sonata in D major, K144 (K124a)Clarinet Concerto in A major, K622Clarinet Quintet in A major, K581Concerto for Flute and Harp in C major, K299 (K297c)Concerto in F for three pianos, no. 7, "Lodron", K242Concerto no. 10 in E flat for two pianos, K365 (K316a)Concertone in C major, K190 (K186E)Così fan tutteCosì fan tutte, K588: overtureDas Veilchen, K476Der Schauspieldirektor (The Impresario), K486: overtureDie Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Harem)Die Entführung aus dem Serail, K384: Martern aller ArtenDie Entführung aus dem Serail, K384: overtureDie Entfürung aus dem Serail, K384: Ach, ich liebte, war so glücklichDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute)Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: Ach! Ich fühl'sDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: Der Hölle RacheDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: Der Vogelfänger bin ich jaDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: Papagena! Papageno!Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: ariasDie Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute), K620: overtureDivertimento in B flat, "Lodron", K287 (K271H)Divertimento in D major, "Salzburg Symphony" K136 (K125a)Divertimento in D major, "Salzburg Symphony" K136 (K125a): AllegroDivertimento in D major, "Salzburg Symphony" K136 (K125a): PrestoDivertimento in D major, K131Divertimento in D, K205 (K167A)Divertimento in E flat major, K563Divertimento in F major, "Salzburg Symphony no. 3", K138 (K125c)Divertimento in F major, "Salzburg Symphony no. 3", K138 (K125c): AndanteDivertimento in F, K213Divertimento no. 15Divertimento no. 17 in D major, K334 (K320b)Don GiovanniDon Giovanni, K 527: Madamina "Catalogue Aria"Don Giovanni, K527: Excerpts arr. Triebensee for wind ensembleDon Giovanni, K527: Fin ch'an dal vinoDon Giovanni, K527: Vedrai, carinoDon Giovanni, K527: ariasDon Giovanni, K527: overtureDuo in B flat for Violin and Viola, K424Duo in G major for Violin and Viola, K423Ein musikalischer Spaß (A Musical Joke), K522Exsultate, jubilate, K165 (K158a)Fantaisie pour piano K Anh. 32Fantasia for Piano in C minor, KV475Fantasia in C minor, K396Fantasia in D minor, K385gFantasia in F minor for a Mechanical Clock Organ, K608Fantasie in D minor, K397Finale of a Symphony ("La finta giardiniera"), K121 (K207a)Flute Concerto no. 2 in D major, K314 (K285d)Flute concerto no. 1 in G major, K313 (K285c)Horn Concerto no. 2 in E flat major, K417Horn Concerto no. 3 in E flat major, K447Horn Concerto no. 4 in E flat major, K495Idomeneo, re di CretaIdomeneo, re di Creta, K366: Quando avran fine omaiIdomeneo, re di Creta, K366: Quanti mi siete intorno...Padre, germani, addio!Idomeneo, re di Creta, K366: Se il padre perdeiIdomeneo, re di Creta, K366: overtureIdomeneo, re di Creta: Ballet music, K367Il re pastore, K208: L'amerò, sarò costanteKleine Gigue in G for Keyboard, K574Kyrie in D minor for chorus and orchestra, K341 (K368a)La Flûte enchantéeLa clemenza di TitoLa clemenza di Tito, K621: Deh per questo istante soloLa clemenza di Tito, K621: Parto, partoLa clemenza di Tito, K621: overtureLa finta giardinieraLa finta semplice, K51 (K46a)La finta semplice, K51 (K46a): overtureLe Nozze di Figaro: L'ho perdutaLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: Deh vieni, non tardarLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: Dove sonoLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: E Susanna non vienLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: Giunse al fin il momentoLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: Porgi, amor, qualche ristoroLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: Voi che sapeteLe nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), K492: overtureLieder: selectionLucio Silla, K135: In un instante...Parto, m'affrettoMarch in D major, "Haffner", K249Masonic Funeral Music, K477Mass no.18 in C minor "Great", K427 (K417a)Mass no.18 in C minor "Great", K427 (K417a): Laudamus teMissa brevis in D major, K194 (K186h)Missa brevis in F, K192 (K186f)Missa in C major, "Coronation", K317Mitridate, re di Ponto, K87 (K74a)Mitridate, re di Ponto, K87: Al destin che la minacciaMotet in D, "Ave verum Corpus", K618Mozart / Concert AriasMozart RequiemNon temer, amato bene, K490Notturno in D major for Four Orchestras, K286 (K269a)Oboe Concerto in C major, K314Offertory in D minor, "Misericordias Domini", K222 (K205a)Petite MortPiano Concerto no. 12 in A major, K414 (K385p)Piano Concerto no. 13 in C major, K415 (K387b)Piano Concerto no. 14 in E flat major, K449Piano Concerto no. 17 in G major, K453Piano Concerto no. 18 in B flat, "Paradis", K456Piano Concerto no. 19 in F, K459Piano Concerto no. 20 in D minor, K466Piano Concerto no. 21 in C major, K467Piano Concerto no. 22 in E flat, K482Piano Concerto no. 23 in A major, K488Piano Concerto no. 24 in C minor, K491Piano Concerto no. 25 in C major, K503Piano Concerto no. 26 in D major "Coronation", K537Piano Concerto no. 27 in B flat major, K595Piano Concerto no. 5 in D, K175Piano Concerto no. 9 in E flat major, "Jeunehomme", K271Piano Sonata in A minor, K310 (K300d)Piano Sonata in B flat major, "Linz", K333 (K315c)Piano Sonata in B flat major, K570Piano Sonata in C major, K279 (K189d)Piano Sonata in C major, K309 (K284b)Piano Sonata in C major, K330 (K300h)Piano Sonata in C major, K545Piano Sonata in C minor, K457Piano Sonata in D major, "Durnitz", K284 (K205b)Piano Sonata in D major, K311 (K284c)Piano Sonata in D major, K576Piano Sonata in F major, K533/494Piano Sonata in G major, K283 (K189h)Piano Sonata no.11 in A major "Alla Turca", K331 (K300i)Piano Trio in C Major, K548Piano sonata in F major, K332Quartet for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello in A, K298Quartet for Piano and Strings in E flat, K493Quartet in C for Flute, K Anh. 171 (K285b)Quartet in D for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello, K285Quartet in F major for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Cello, K370 (K368b)Quartet in G for Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello, K285aQuartet in G minor for Piano and Strings, K478Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in B flat, K516cQuintet for Horn and Strings in E flat, K407 (K386c)Quintet for Strings in G minor, K516Quintet for Strings in G minor, K516: AdagioQuintet in D major for Strings, K593Quintet in E flat for Strings, K614Quintet in E flat major for Piano and Winds, K452Recitative and Aria for Alto, "Ombra felice", K255Recitative and Aria for Soprano, "A Berenice", K70 (K61c)Recitative and Aria for Soprano, "Ah, lo previdi", K272Recitative and Aria for Soprano, "Ma che vi fece", K368Recitative and Aria for Soprano, "Misera, dove son!", K369Requiem in D minor, K626RondoRondo for Piano in A minor, K511Rondo in C for Violin, K373Rondo in D major for piano, K485Rondo in F for Keyboard, K494Scena and Rondo for Soprano, "Ch'io mi scordi di te?", K505Scena and Rondo for Soprano, "Non piú, tutti ascoltai", K490Scena for Soprano, "Bella mia fiamma", K528Serenade in C minor for wind, K388 (K384a)Serenade in D major, "Haffner", K250 (K248b)Serenade in D, "Posthorn", K320Serenade no. 10 in B flat major for Winds, "Gran Partita", K361 (K370a)Serenade no. 10 in B flat major for Winds, "Gran Partita", K361 (K370a): AdagioSerenade no. 10 in B flat major for Winds, "Gran Partita", K361 (K370a): FinaleSerenade no. 13 in G major, "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", K525Serenata notturna in D, K239Sinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola in E flat major, K364 (K320d)Sinfonia Concertante for winds in E flat major, K297bSonata for two pianos in D major, K448 (K375a)Sonata for violin and piano in B flat major, K378 (K317d), arr. for clarinet quartetSonata in C for Keyboard Four-Hands, K521Song, "Komm, liebe Zither", K351 (K367b)Song, An die Einsamkeit, K391 (K340b)Song, Sehnsucht nach dem Frühling, K.596String Quartet in D major "Hoffmeister", K499String Quartet in D major "Prussian", K575String Quartet in D minor, K421 (K417b)String Quartet in E flat major, K428 (K421b)String Quartet in G major, K156 (K134b)String Quartet in G major, K387String Quartet no. 17 in B flat major "Hunt", K458String Quartet no. 18 in A major, K464String Quartet no. 19 in C major "Dissonance", K465String Quartet no. 22 in B flat major, K589String Quartet no. 23 in F major "Prussian", K590String Quintet in C major, K515Sub tuum preasidium, for soloists and orchestra, K198Symphonie concertante pour flûte, hautbois, cor et basson, K.297bSymphony in G, "Lambach", K Anh. 221 (K45a)Symphony no. 1 in E flat major, K16Symphony no. 10 in G major, K74Symphony no. 11 in D major, K84 (K73q)Symphony no. 13 in F major, K112Symphony no. 14 in A major, K114Symphony no. 19 in E flat major, K132Symphony no. 20 in D major, K133Symphony no. 23 in D major, K181 (K162b)Symphony no. 25 in G minor, K183 (K173dB)Symphony no. 26 in E flat major, K184 (K161a)Symphony no. 27 in G major, K199 (K161b)Symphony no. 28 in C major, K200 (K189k)Symphony no. 29 in A major, K201 (K186a)Symphony no. 31 in D major, K297 (K300a) "Paris”Symphony no. 32 in G major, K318Symphony no. 33 in B flat major, K319Symphony no. 34 in C major, K338Symphony no. 35 in D major, K385 "Haffner”Symphony no. 36 in C major, K425 "Linz”Symphony no. 38 in D major, K504 "Prague”Symphony no. 39 in E flat major, K543Symphony no. 40 in G minor, K550Symphony no. 41 in C major, "Jupiter”, K551Symphony no. 43 in F major, K76 (K42a)Symphony no. 48 in D major, K120/111Symphony no. 6 in F major, K43Thamos, König in Ägypten, KV345: Entr'actesTrio in B flat major, K266 (K271f)Trio in E flat major for Piano, Clarinet and Viola, "Kegelstatt", K498Vesperae de Dominica in C, K321Vesperae solennes de confessore in C, K339Vesperae solennes de confessore in C, K339: Laudate DominumViolin Concerto no. 1 in B flat major, K207Violin Concerto no. 2 in D major, K211Violin Concerto no. 3 in G major, "Strassburg", K216Violin Concerto no. 4 in D major, K218Violin Concerto no. 5 in A major "Turkish", K219Violin Concerto no. 7, K271aViolin Sonata in B flat major, "Strinasacchi", K454Violin Sonata in B flat major, K378 (K317d)Violin Sonata in E minor, K304 (K300c)Violin Sonata in F major, K30Violin Sonata in F major, K377 (K374e)Violin Sonata in G major, K27Zaide, K344 (K336b)Zaide, K344: Tiger! wetze nur die KlauenZaïde, K344: Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben