Hollywood Rhapsody

Grieg Hall (Grieghallen)Edvard Griegs plass 1, Bergen, Hordaland, 5015, Norway
2018 January 11, 12 at 19:30
Newman, Alfred (1901-1970)20th Century Fox Fanfare
Williams, John (b. 1932)Film music from Star Wars
Raksin, David (1912-2004)Laura
Herrmann, Bernard (1911-1975)Psycho Suite for Strings
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (1897-1957)The Adventures of Robin Hood Suite
Moross, Jerome (1913-1983)Film music from The Big Country
Steiner, Max (1888-1971)Film music from Gone with the Wind
Waxman, Franz (1906-1967)A Place in the Sun Suite
Bradley, Scott (1891-1977)Music from Tom and Jerry
Rózsa, Miklós (1907-1995)Film music from Ben Hur

Ticket sales open 15 August

18.45: Pre-concert talk by John Wilson

John Wilson takes his movie music as seriously as many conductors take their Beethoven and Mahler. No conductor alive reveals the cinematic detail or momentous power of Hollywood scores like Wilson does, and he comes to Bergen for this concert with some of the very best ever written.

From the iconic 20th Century Fox Fanfare to the romance and sweep of Max Steiner’s music for Gone with the Wind, Wilson will transform the Grieg Hall into an American movie theatre with his Hollywood Rhapsody. Also on the bill are John Williams’s imposing Star Wars score, the knockabout fun of Scott Bradley’s music for Tom and Jerry, Miklós Rózsa’s unforgettable themes for Ben Hur and the vast expanse of Jerome Moross’s signature sounds for The Big Country and more. Let John Wilson and the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra transport you to Hollywood this January!

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