The Birds

Philharmonic HallLiverpool, North-West, United Kingdom
On Thursday 5 October 2017 at 19:30

Green-clawed demons, summer fragrances, ancient dances and Errol Flynn: the 20th century was when classical music exploded into Technicolor. In Italy, France, Russia and America, four great composers throw caution to the wind in four ravishingly melodious orchestral showpieces – from Stravinsky’s revolutionary ballet, to Korngold’s buccaneering score for one of the all-time great Hollywood swashbucklers. Vasily Petrenko is never happier than when exploring new worlds, but he’ll also find the inner glow in Delius’s luminous musical watercolour, and bring out all the mock-baroque playfulness of Respighi’s (and definitely not Hitchcock’s!) The Birds.

This concert is part of the Henry E Rensburg Series for subscription.

£15, £21, £27, £34, £44

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