Since Bachtrack maintains a highly structured database of many thousands of classical music and opera performances across the world, we're in a unique position to show you some statistics about what gets performed. Following on from my blog about the top composers, I've taken a deep dive into our statistics for 2010: here are the results.

A note for statisticians: clearly, our database only includes a proportion of the concerts performed across the globe. It's a large sample, although not a random one: it's skewed towards the events put on by the largest organisations and those who have chosen, for whatever the reason, to work with us. The sample sizes are as follows: Concerts: 11,724 (2,476 in US) Opera performances: 5,858 (883 in US) Update 27-Jan 2011: click here for more details on these statistics

Composers with most concerts

Here are the composers who featured in the greatest number of concerts during the year: a composer gets an entry if at least one work was performed in a given concert.

Worldwide USA only
1 Beethoven 1,576 Beethoven 306
2 Mozart 1,260 Mozart 285
3 Schumann 953 Brahms 208
4 Bach 902 Tchaikovsky 145
5 Brahms 879 Schumann 139
6 Haydn 648 Ravel 129
7 Schubert 645 Mahler 126
8 Tchaikovsky 607 Bach 125
9 Chopin 569 Haydn 122
10 Mahler 562 Stravinsky 111

Chopin, Mahler and Schumann's figures are boosted by the many performances in honour of their anniversaries (Mahler gets another one in 2011). Clearly, the worldwide top ten is very much an Austro-German affair, with only Tchaikovsky and Chopin breaking in from the outside!

Composers with the most works performed

This gives a sense of how prolific a composer was - that is, how much of his output is performed. A composer gets an entry for each of his works that was performed at least once in 2010.

Worldwide USA only
1 Bach 347 Mozart 111
2 Schubert 281 Bach 100
3 Mozart 271 Beethoven 85
4 Chopin 258 Chopin 84
5 Schumann 229 Haydn 63
6 Handel 212 Schumann 57
7 Haydn 189 Brahms 56
8 Beethoven 182 Schubert 37
9 Brahms 173 Shostakovich 34
10 Strauss R 126 Stravinsky 33