What do you think about contemporary music? It’s a topic on which everyone seems to have something to say – but it’s also something people tend to find rather daunting. At Bachtrack we have decided to turn October 2013 into Contemporary Music Month, to give you a chance to explore contemporary music a little further.

We will be publishing features throughout the month, from interviews and articles to beginners’ guides, so stay tuned for more. And let us know what you think of it all with the hashtag #BTcontemporary.

Composer and music writer Peter Reynolds is contributing a series of articles introducing contemporary classical music, and he’s starting by looking at a few of the younger composers to have made the biggest impression in recent years – read more here, and check back next week for the second, too.

And look out as well for the Bachtrack Composers Project: every Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll be publishing interviews with a number of composers, from established leading figures to emerging voices, ranging in age from 15 to 81. We’ve kicked off with the unlikely but intriguing pairing of Anna Meredith and Jay Greenberg.

There are many more articles and features to come too – and don’t forget to find out what’s on live near you as well. We have recently updated our database to include the composer category “Contemporary”, meaning that new music no longer gets filed alongside Debussy and Rachmaninov. So get browsing...


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