This Cookie Policy explains how Bachtrack Ltd uses cookies on the website

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file (usually a very small one) which our software sends to your computer's browser and which your computer stores for use on future accesses to our site.

You can instruct most browsers not to use cookies, but there are various functions of our website which will not work if you do so.

Usage of cookies by our website

We make very limited use of cookies, and do not record any personal information using them. Our principal uses are as follows:

1. For session status: for example, we use them for monitoring whether you are logged in and (if so) which user you are, and for keeping track of some messages and other data used when you move from one page to the next.

2. To remember your country preference (reflected in the flag in the top right hand corner of the site).

Usage of cookies by third party plug-ins

1. Like many websites, we use Google Analytics to measure visits to our site. Google Analytics uses cookies in a number of ways: you can find out more on this link. Please note that we do yuse the Doubleclick cookie described in the "Google Analytics for Display Advertisers" section.

2. We sometimes use Google Adwords to display advertisements (although we are not doing so at time of writing). Google Adwords uses cookies in a number of ways: you can find out more on this link.

3. We may use various social media plug-ins on the site from Facebook, Twitter, Google and others, which are clearly branded with the logos of the social media providers. If you are concerned about how these companies use cookies, we suggest that you either look up their cookie policies or simply refrain from using those plugins.

Last revised 27th July, 2015