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Birgitta Festival: NoGravity performs Leonardo

Pirita Convent RuinsMerivälja tee 18, Tallinn, Harju, 11911, Estonia
Dates/times in Tallinn time zone
Wednesday 11 August 202121:00
LeonardoMusic: Various
Choreography: Emiliano Pellisari

NoGravity is one of the most unique performing arts companies in the world, combining authentic musical works with famous artwork and holding performances of contemporary dance where the primary aim is to surprise the audience. In NoGravity’s performances, dancers have to exceed the force of gravity whereas providing the utmost pleasure to the audience, accompanied by the co-influence of visual art and music. Emiliano Pellisari, choreographer and founder of NoGravity, is the author behind the ideas of the company's performances. He gets his inspiration from the Hellenistic theatre, artwork from the Renaissance era and the Baroque Italian tradition of the theatre of marvels. With NoGravity's performances, Pellisari aims at reviving the theatre tradition of the 17th century – a time when in Italian big cities such as Florence, Rome or Milan the artisans built extraordinary apparatus for theatrical actors and dancers in order to make performances more enchanting and that was highly welcomed by courts all over Europe at that time. In musical performances, actors were made to „fly“ or „walk on the Moon“ – all this to serve the purpose of offering as breathtaking spectacle as possible to the audience. Similar mechanisms are used in present performances by NoGravity to raise the dancers up in the air and the connection with the ground is nonexistent. Importance also lies in the flexibility and expressiveness of dancers’ bodies. According to Pellisari, instead of the title of choreographer there should be an architect of human body.

The whole spectacle is naturally related to music that is performed on authentic instruments at NoGravity's performances. Birgitta festival of 2021 will present the musical spectacle Leonardo that revives the famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, famous Renaissance artist and inventor. 

Birgitta Festival: NoGravity performs <i>Leonardo</i>
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