Should a dancer's entire career revolve around one dance company or is there merit in seeking variety? Traditionally, professional dancers tend to perform with one dance company for several years, often remaining in one place for the duration of their career. But things are changing: dancers have the freedom, now, to work with several different companies or to go it alone, enabling them to travel and work in many different cities, countries and continents.

This month Bachtrack authors have interviewed dancers who have undertaken significant career changes that have led them to relocate. 

Rosamaria Cisneros-Kostic spoke with British dancer Eryck Brahmania, who kick-started his career dancing with Hong Kong Ballet after training at the Royal Ballet School in London.

Natasha Warder interviewed Tarren Johnson and Patrick Faurot, two American dancers who have taken the leap to make a fresh start in the diverse creative atmosphere of Berlin. 

Christine Holley spoke to to Rambert rehearsal director Mikaela Polley about what Rambert's new London home will mean for the dance community.