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Belshazzar by G.F. Handel

Diese Veranstaltung fand in der Vergangenheit statt
Oslo CathedralKarl Johansgt. 11, Oslo, 0154, Norwegen
Am Montag 7 März 2016 um 19:00
Festspiel: Oslo International Church Music Festival

«We have never had a richer experience of Handel in concert before in Oslo. Handel's most finely tuned range was played and sung in Oslo Cathedral on Friday evening. There the stage was set for the opening concert of this year's Church Music Festival. Handel's very last oratorio, Jephta, was on the programme, and to present this, the Church Music Festival had brought in Academia Bizantina, a fine series of soloists, and The Norwegian Soloists' Choir. And to direct all this, Ottavio Dantone». 

Ståle Wikshåland, Dagbladet 23.03.14

Handel from the masters 

Belshazzar, from 1744, holds an interesting position among the works of the famous late Baroque composer. Handel finds himself at this point at the peak of his career, and in what could be called oratorio's golden age. From 1743 to 1752, Handel produces on average one to two oratorios per season, most with themes taken from the Old Testament. Belshazzar points out a new direction in Handel's works where the dramaturgical impact is related to the Italian opera seria's emphasis on recitatives. Belshazzar was the son of Babylon's last king, the capable military commander Nabonidus, and the plot in the oratorio takes place in 539 BC in King Belshazzar's Babylon. Prince Cyrus of Media and Persia wants to rule the region, and promises at the same time to free the Jewish population that Belshazzar has imprisoned. Belshazzar's mother, Nitocris, has an ominous feeling that the city will fall, which is confirmed by the prophet Daniel. Despite numerous warnings from Nitocris and Daniel, Belshazzar chooses to revel in drunkenness and hedonistic behaviour. The city falls into Cyrus' hands and he fulfils his promise and frees the Jewish population and gives them free passage to Jerusalem. We are proud to once again present a new collaboration between conductor Ottavio Dantone, Accademia Bizantina and the Norwegian Soloists. They were also jointly responsible for the critically acclaimed performance of Jephtha during the festival two years ago. Dantone has with him an exceptional group of star soloists: Rosemary Joshua (soprano), Christophe Dumaux (counter tenor), Thomas Walker (tenor), Delphine Galou (alto) and Andreas Wolf (bass). 

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