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Je suis narcissisteWorld première

Diese Veranstaltung fand in der Vergangenheit statt
Teatro EspañolPlaza Santa Ana, Calle del Príncipe, 25, Madrid, 28014, Spanien
März 06 19:00, März 07 20:00, März 09 20:00, März 10 19:00

It appears to be a more than opportune moment to talk about narcissim. This type of narcissism that inundates everything; that inflates our perception of ourselves and encourages us to do everything in grand style, even if we may have forgotten the reason why we are doing it. Based on black humour, making no concessions, Je suis narcissiste offers us a person who organizes cultural events and who lives each day as though it were an obstacle course existing between herself and her happiness. The events overwhelm her and people leave her immersed in a sensation of loneliness. Couples, pets, bosses, artists or funeral home employees appear to be a lot more interested in talking than listening. Given such a fecund cultural medium, it proves sufficient that the reaction is triggered -in the form of a dead cat- for her complete emotional collapse. Exhausted, she arrives at the office of a psychiatrist who embraces all kinds of theories as eccentric as he himself. The two of them will travel together through an experience of transformation (or not).

Production by the Òpera de Butxaca i Nova Creació, in collaboration with the Teatro Real, theTeatro Español of Madrid and the Teatro Lliure of Barcelona

Elena Copons (Clotilde) © Javier del Real | Teatro Real
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