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Mahler, musics of the night

World Conference Center: Saal New YorkPlatz der Vereinten Nationen 2, Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, 53113, Deutschland
Am Freitag 20 September 2019 um 20:00
Festspiel: Beethovenfest Bonn

Each of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies is a world unto itself, a fresh start on his quest for a solution to the ‘problem of the symphony after Beethoven’. The Seventh is unusual for having five movements, and still more for the heading he gave to movements 2 and 4: ‘Nachtmusik’ (music of the night). The one has a central horn motif and cowbells symbolising ‘unworldly solitude’, the other is an almost chamber-music serenade with guitar, harp and mandolin. The Seventh is Mahler’s ‘Pastorale’. Its opening movement begins, as so often, with a slow introduction, followed by an allegro. In the middle is the scherzo, and at the end a rondo-finale. And yet everything about it is different. Few shrewd commentators recognised this sooner than the music-philosopher Ernst Bloch: ‘No one had ever been carried closer to heaven under the power of soulful, surging, visionary music than this yearning, holy, hymnic man’.

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