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Mozartfest Würzburg with Reinhard Goebel

Stadttheater FürthKoenigstr. 116, Fürth, Bayern, 90762, Deutschland
Am Samstag 13 Juni 2020 um 20:00

Mozart had the great gift of being able to write down entire works from memory. He was always making up new melodies, and once said: “Everything has already been composed – but not everything has been written down.” Sometimes, however, things needed to happen quickly: when he was commissioned at short notice to write the opera “La clemenza di Tito” for Leopold II’s coronation as King of Bohemia, he was still working feverishly on the work during his journey from Vienna to Prague! The opera is a didactic piece about power, relationships and forgiveness – and contains some of Mozart’s most beautiful music. Next on our programme is some keyboard magic, performed by the fantastic duo Tal & Groethuysen, who are always digging up buried treasures of music history. Together with our orchestra, they will interpret a work composed by Carl Czerny, a student and friend of Beethoven. In many ways, Czerny passed Beethoven’s legacy on to the next generation of pianists. But he was more than just a brilliant teacher: he wrote over one thousand pieces of music, and his instrumental concertos in particular are well worth bringing out of the shadows. The piano concerto for four hands op. 153 is full of sparkling virtuosity and profound emotionality. The concert will end with Beethoven’s “Eroica”, regarded as the manifesto of a new musical age. It is not clear whom Beethoven had in mind when composing the symphony – Napoleon, Prometheus, an imaginary hero or even himself. It was finally published under the title “Sinfonia eroica, composita per festiggiare il sovvenire di un grand’uomo” (“Heroic symphony, composed to celebrate the memory of a great man”). Led by Reinhard Goebel, we will explore the deeper layers of this famous commemorative work.

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