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Chamber Concert

Konzerthalle Bamberg: Joseph Keilberth SaalMußstr. 1, Bamberg, Bayern, 96047, Deutschland
Am Dienstag 16 Juni 2020 um 20:00

Much of the music featured in this chamber concert is nostalgic. Dvořák began to write his masterful A flat major quartet in 1895 in America, longing for his happy life back home – a home he returned to as soon as possible, revelling in the Bohemian nature he had missed so much in New York. His last contribution to the chamber music genre is a mostly buoyant work with a touch of folklore – in the slow movement, however, a heartfelt song arises that is then silenced by the serious middle section. Janáček’s quartets mark the culmination of a strongly experimental line of Czech chamber music. The composer penned the second string quartet in feverish haste in 1928, the year of his death. This work, with its monothematic structure, is associated with his (one-sided) love for his muse, the much younger Kamila Stösslová. In his letters to her, he confessed: “You are behind every note,” and “Our lives will be contained in it”. Janáček composed in a passionate maelstrom of emotions, of which nostalgia was one. The concert will conclude with the “patchwork of a madman” – as Beethoven’s Opus 59 quartets were called: their composition in 1806 broke new ground, taking the genre out of the domestic sphere of the salon and in some places approaching a veritably symphonic wealth of sound. The climax of the F major quartet is the deeply melancholic Adagio, on which Beethoven wrote the following sad note: “a weeping willow or acacia tree on my brother’s grave” – not because his brother had died, but because he had married a woman Beethoven himself had spurned and the composer thus regarded his brother as “lost to him”.

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