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Abgesagt: Alice im WunderlandKinderveranstaltungWorld premiere

OpernhausFalkenstrasse 1, Zürich, 8008, Schweiz
Datum/Zeit in Zurich Zeitzone
Freitag 22 Januar 202110:30
Samstag 23 Januar 202111:00
Sonntag 07 Februar 202114:00
Oper Zürich
Michael RichterDirigent
Nadja LoschkyRegisseur
Etienne PlussBühnenbild
Irina SpreckelmeyerKostüme
Franck EvinLicht
Sandra HamaouiSopranAlice2020 Nov 14, Dez 26 mat, 2021 Jan 10 mat, 22 mat, 23 mat
Lina DambrauskaiteSopranAlice2020 Nov 22 mat, Dez 05 mat, 10 mat, 27 mat, 2021 Jan 02 mat, 15, Feb 07 mat
Gary MartinBaritonHerzogin, Raupe2020 Nov 22 mat, Dez 05 mat, 26 mat, 2021 Jan 22 mat, 23 mat, Feb 07 mat
Ruben DroleBaritonHerzogin, Raupe2020 Nov 14, Dez 10 mat, 27 mat, 2021 Jan 02 mat, 10 mat, 15
Andrei SkliarenkoTenorMärzhase, Zwiddeldei
Valeriy MurgaBassSchlafmaus, Zwiddeldum2020 Nov 14, Dez 05 mat, 10 mat, 27 mat, 2021 Jan 02 mat, 15, 23 mat
Andrew MooreBassSchlafmaus, Zwiddeldum2020 Nov 22 mat, Dez 26 mat, 2021 Jan 10 mat, 22 mat, Feb 07 mat
Kjell BrutscheidtSchauspielGrinsekatze
Irène FriedliSopranHerzkönigin2020 Nov 14, Dez 05 mat, 10 mat, 27 mat, 2021 Jan 02 mat, 10 mat, 15
Roswitha Christina MüllerMezzosopranHerzkönigin2020 Nov 22 mat, Dez 26 mat, 2021 Jan 22 mat, 23 mat, Feb 07 mat
Omer KobiljakTenorDer verrückte Hutmacher2020 Nov 14, Dez 05 mat, 10 mat, 27 mat, 2021 Jan 10 mat
Nathan HallerTenorDer verrückte Hutmacher2020 Nov 22 mat, Dez 26 mat, 2021 Jan 02 mat, 15, 22 mat, 23 mat, Feb 07 mat
Daniel HajduSchauspielDas weisse Kaninchen
Yvonne GebauerConceptional assistance
Beate BreidenbachDramaturgie
Ernst RaffelsbergerChorleitung
Kinderchor der Oper Zürich
Philharmonia Zürich

What to do when you’re bored? Why, follow a white rabbit, passing by on a sunny afternoon, pocket watch in his paw, as he mumbles «Oh dear! I shall be too late!», of course! At any rate, Alice doesn’t doubt for a second what she should do: She tumbles down a hole and finds herself in a world where the rules she’s always known seem to be turned upside down. In this world, there aren’t only little bottles bearing the inscription «Drink me!» that shrink Alice to the size of a mosquito. There are also irresistibly delicious cakes that make her grow to immense proportions. There’s a strange duchess who employs a cook in a kitchen that’s scattered with pepper, making everyone sneeze. And the duchess is busy rocking a baby to sleep...but on closer inspection the baby reveals itself to be a little piglet. And there’s a mad hatter who celebrates unbirthdays with a March hare and a dormouse 364 days a year. A grinning cheshire cat appears and disappears as she pleases, and a caterpillar smoking a water pipe completely confuses Alice with her questions: «Who are you?» Maybe it’s all just a dream? Or does Alice only exist because the snoring King of Hearts dreamt her up?   

Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic has fascinated generations of theater- and filmmakers, spurring them to the wildest of interpretations. Among their number is Italian composer Pierangelo Valtinoni, who also wrote Zauberer von Oz for the Opernhaus Zürich. He is fascinated by this nonsense tale and is writing a new family opera for us. It will be directed for the stage by Nadja Loschky, who showed her talent for music theater for children with the recent production of Schatzinsel.

Januar 2021
Februar 2021
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