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Video-on-Demand: (Soundtrack) Final Fantasy VIII - Mono no aware

KonserthusetPlayAufgenommen am Konserthuset Stockholm: Stora Salen, Stockholm, Schweden

The fairy-tale world of the videogame Final Fantasy constantly attracts new players – and listeners. Under conductor Giedré Slekyté, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra plays the inspiring and imaginative piece Mono No Aware by composer Nobuo Uematsu - part of the soundtrack of Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy is a fairy-tale world that has been thriving and evolving for nearly thirty years. In Final Fantasy VIII we meet the main character, quiet and withdrawn Squall Leonhart - a student in the Balamb Garden military academy. After becoming a member of Balamb Garden’s elite force, he and his friends are drawn into an international conflict and must prevent the sorceress Edea from destroying the world.

Roger Wanamo is responsible for the arrangement. He also arranged the music for a previous installment of the game, Final Fantasy VI, which is also available to watch here.

Filmed in June 2016.

© Aleksey Vylegzhanin
© Aleksey Vylegzhanin
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