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Video-on-Demand: The Orchestral Instruments: The OboesKinderveranstaltung

KonserthusetPlayAufgenommen am Konserthuset Stockholm: Stora Salen, Stockholm, Schweden

Come along to the reed workshop! The orchestra's oboists show how they transform large reeds from the Mediterranean area to a part of their instrument.

The oboe is one of the orchestra's woodwind instruments. The oboe has a very beautiful and clear timbre and is often acting as a solo instrument, playing stunning melodies in the orchestra. This film also gives us a sneak peek into the workshop: being an oboist is also being a craftsman, as every musician must transform large reeds from the Mediterranean area to a part of the instrument!

This video is part of a series of playful videos on how the instruments used in a symphony orchestra function and sound. In each film, musicians from the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra talk about their instruments and play one or several musical pieces together.

The series about the orchestral instruments is produced with the support of Konserthuset Stockholm's main sponsor SEB.