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Klassische Musik, Oper, Ballett und Tanz in Lisbon, Portugal

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Veranstaltungen zu klassischer Musik, Oper, Ballett und Tanz finden
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Love in Lisbon: final concert of the Verão Clássico

As he does when his spirit is most honestly invoked, Schumann spoke directly across the ages through Moraguès and Pinto-Ribeiro, and in the process allowed the two musicians to reveal the dimensions of their own love for music.

Verão Clássico: Chamber music rules in Lisbon

Eldar Nebolsin, Corey Cerovsek and Gary Hoffman did not completely answer whether Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio is chamber music that wants to be a ballet score or vice versa, but the intoxicating beauty of their playing banished all doubts of whether the answer mattered. 

A Lisbon line-up of Romantics

Katya Apekisheva and friends made a persuasive case for Hummel's Piano Quintet to be heard as a transitional grand romantic concerto deserving of belonging in such august company.

Schubert, Schubert, Schubert in Lisbon

With more than a hundred Academy students hanging over their seats at the side of the hall like their equivalents in The Red Shoes 70 years ago, nine of the world's finest musicians took on Schubert in Lisbon.

Lisbonne plus russe que française

L’Orchestre de la prestigieuse Fondation Gulbenkian de Lisbonne a offert une prestation inégale face à des répertoires très différents. Scolaire et peu en phase avec la musique de Dutilleux, il s’est montré au contraire très engagé et remarquablement bien préparé par le chef Giancarlo Guerrero dans une 5ème Symphonie de Chostakovitch tour à tour furieuse, mélancolique et rayonnante.