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Klassische Musik, Oper, Ballett und Tanz in Princeton, NJ, Vereinigte Staaten

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Veranstaltungen zu klassischer Musik, Oper, Ballett und Tanz finden
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Nixon in China touches down at Princeton Festival

Riveting production shows that Nixon in China still speaks to today's audiences. 

A quest for fresh interpretations

There is a very strong bond between two interpreters that approach music with the same unbridled passion

Jonathan Biss: Ludwig and Beethoven in Princeton

Thursday, composer David Ludwig joined Princeton audiences to hear Jonathan Biss perform his newly-penned Lunaire Variations in Richardson Auditorium. Ludwig’s piano cycle, though the shortest work on the program, became the centerpiece of Biss’ recital, which also featured works by Janáček and Beethoven.

Jerusalem String Quartet in Princeton

On Thursday 15 March, the Jerusalem String Quartet strode onto the stage of Richardson Auditorium all wearing the same smart suits. The four young players played a pleasant program of early string quartets by Beethoven, Debussy, and Brahms.

Julia Fischer in Princeton

In recent decades, the infatuation with youth and beauty has affected many industries including classical music. In fact, it seems that classical musicians must begin their studies practically while they are still breast-feeding in order to ensure any kind of career at all. Bright stars burn out quickly, however, and few Wunderkinder show signs of true artistry and sophistication.

State Ballet Theatre of Russia performs Romeo and Juliet

Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, one of the most popular and enduring ballets, was performed by the State Ballet Theatre of Russia in a charming rendition at the McCarter Theatre on Saturday night.Many audiences are surely familiar with the classic tale of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, as well as Prokofiev’s setting.