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Chamber Concert

Konzerthalle Bamberg: Joseph Keilberth SaalMußstr. 1, Bamberg, Bayern, 96047, Deutschland
Am Mittwoch 11 März 2020 um 20:00

In this chamber concert, our musicians will present two important works of remembrance. Tchaikovsky’s “Souvenir de Florence” already contains our orchestra’s motto for this year in its title. Thanks to the financial support of his maternal (pen) friend Nadezhda von Meck, the composer was able to undertake many trips to Europe – including to Florence in 1890, hence the flowery title of this famous sextet. It is largely cheerful, which sets it apart from the other gloomy works composed by the melancholy Tchaikovsky in the last years of his life. Echoes of guitars and themes taken from folksong conjure up the memory of Italy. Tchaikovsky provided the performers with helpful instructions: the first movement is to be played “with great passion and verve, the second lilting. The third whimsically. The fourth joyfully and assertively.” When his Sixth Symphony was to be printed in 1809, Beethoven decided on the title “Pastoral Symphony or Memory of Country Life. Expression of feeling rather than painting”. In this atmospheric work, he created a longingly imagined world of nature – as already expressed in the title of the first movement: “Cheerful feelings awake upon arriving in the countryside”. Beethoven claimed that “nightingales and cuckoos” were his “fellow composers”. It is easy to believe this story when listening to the work, which contains both bursts of sunlight and a veritable thunderstorm. The version for string sextet was produced by Beethoven’s contemporary Michael Gotthard Fischer – and is sure to win listeners’ hearts with its fascinating combination of rich symphonic sound and the characteristic transparency of chamber music.

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