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Philharmonia Orchestra - Bartók, Stravinsky & Eötvös

Diese Veranstaltung fand in der Vergangenheit statt
Southbank Centre: Royal Festival HallBelvedere Road, London, Greater London, SE1 8XX, Vereinigtes Königreich
Am Donnerstag 7 Februar 2019 um 19:30

Opening the programme, the nervous energy of Schoenberg’s Accompaniment to an Imaginary Film Scene is inspired by the words ‘threatening, danger, fear, catastrophe’. Bartók and Stravinsky’s music finds its energy in darting rhythmic patterns, throwing light and shade across the orchestra.

Eötvös’s Multiversum, for orchestra, organ and hammond organ, explores the nature of the universe and what lies beyond. “Since Yuri Gagarin´s journey into space in 1961, technological advancements have caused us to marvel at the miracle of the cosmos. Research like Witten´s theory of the eleven dimensions and string theory has astounded us with its speculation on the nature of outer space, and has spurred me on in my compositional fantasy” (Peter Eötvös).

Ticket sales open on 6th February 2018

Peter Eötvös © Klaus Rudolph
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