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Tancredi & Clorinda / Troy GameNew production

Eiffel Art Studios: Bánffy StageÉszaki Műhely Kőbánya, Budapest, Central Hungary, Ungarn
Datum/Zeit in Budapest Zeitzone
Freitag 12 Mai 202320:00
Samstag 13 Mai 202311:00
Sonntag 14 Mai 202319:00
Samstag 20 Mai 202319:00
Sonntag 21 Mai 202311:00
Samstag 27 Mai 202319:00
Hungarian National Ballet
Ádám TulassayRegisseur
Peter FarmerKostüme
Kirk BookmanLicht
Attila ErdősBassTancredi
Ildikó MegyimóreczMezzosopranClorinda
Gyula RabTenorTesto
Robert NorthChoreographieTroy Game

Il combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda (The Combat of Tancredi and Clorinda)

Besides the countless religious pieces and madrigals, three true operas by Claudio Monteverdi survived in the over four hundred years of opera history. Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda has a special, intermediate place in his oeuvre:  the tragedy of the two knights is not a theatrical work yet, but it already tells a story. There are no well-formed characters and dialogues in it yet, but there are exciting lines spoken by the characters, and a narrator telling and commenting the whole story, painting every word with its vocal part. The work composed for the 1624 Venetian Carnival is slightly shorter than half an hour with a thin plotline set at the time of the Crusades, and it is performed together with a selection of Monteverdi madrigals.

Troy Game – with Amazons

American choreographer Robert North originally created this one-ace dance show in 1974 for the male dancers of the London Contemporary Dance Theatre to show, with an ironic slant, the expression in dance of masculinity and the "macho spirit". Its uniqueness arises from the fact that, in the second half of the 20th century, a ballet performance solely by males was a great rarity. Today it is a modern classical and ahas entered into the repertoire of a number of the world's major companies. 

The Hungarian National Ballet, however, has put a twist on the work: departing from tradition, certain of our performances will feature, in place of the men, "amazons" performing sequences of movement of masculine difficulty.

The first time the female version of this work was performed in September 2014 by the Hungarian National Ballet, which was also its European premiere.

Subscriptions on sale until 30 June 2022; tickets on sale from 4 July 2022

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