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Diese Veranstaltung fand in der Vergangenheit statt
NationaltheaterMünchen, Bayern, Deutschland
Juli 12, 15 um 19:00
Festspiel: Munich Opera Festival
Bayerische Staatsoper
Kirill PetrenkoDirigent
Amélie NiermeyerRegisseur
Christian SchmidtBühnenbild
Annelies VanlaereKostüme
Jonas KaufmannTenorOtelloJul 12
Zoran TodorovichTenorOtelloJul 15
Anja HarterosSopranDesdemona
Gerald FinleyBaritonIago
Rachael WilsonMezzosopranEmilia
Evan LeRoy JohnsonTenorCassio
Galeano SalasTenorRoderigo
Bálint SzabóBassLodovico
Milan SiljanovBassMontano
Markus SuihkonenBassHerald
Olaf WinterLicht
Thomas WilhelmChoreographie
Sören EckhoffChorleitung
Malte KrastingDramaturgie
Chor der Bayerischen Staatsoper
Bayerisches Staatsorchester

Like an outcry the elemental force of the orchestra shatters the silence, the storm on the coast of Cyprus rages incessantly. The wind whips, lightening cuts through the roaring skies. Giuseppe Verdi anticipated the sedition in the hearts of his characters in the revolting nature. His penultimate opera, with which he once again produced musical drama after a longer creative break, takes the listener by the throat and holds them so until the inevitable end. As Othello, the great general and commander becomes entangled in Iago's web of machinations; as the calamitous seed of jealousy germinates and Othello's love for his wife Desdemona begins to decay, even on their wedding day; as Desdemona, "nevertheless insists, although she senses or feels that this harm comes her way, and that Othello in his jealousy is really capable of killing her" (Amélie Niermeyer) – with his OtelloVerdi created an operatic drama, the likes of which had never before been so tight, so direct, so intensive and so beautiful, and still today unmatched.

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