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Performer: Ambur Braid

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An incandescent Magic Flute at ENO

Peter Coleman-Wright (Papageno) © ENO | Robbie Jack
A revival of Simon McBurney's 2013 production of The Magic Flute reaches new heights under Mark Wigglesworth's baton.

The Magic Flute as great musical comedy from Opera Atelier in Toronto

Opera Atelier espouses truth in advertising: The Magic Flute, they tell us, is a Singspiel in two acts. You can call it a play with songs, a musical comedy, even an operetta, but hardly an opera in the traditional sense. Call it what you will, this is Opera Atelier’s fourth production of the work in the last 22 years.

Christopher Alden goes batty for the Canadian Opera Company's Die Fledermaus

It took me a while to warm to director Christopher Alden’s revisionist production of Johann Strauss II’s chestnut and whipped cream torte of an operetta, but gradually the outrageous battiness of it won me over.The story that Alden and his team fashion into a Freudian farce with touches of Bram Stoker goes like this.