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Performer: Claron McFadden

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Mitra: ein beklemmender Krimi von Jorge Léon beim Holland Festival

Mitra © Bernard Coutant
Die Video-Oper Mitra von Eva Reiter und George van Dam ist ein gewagtes Experiment, das nicht nur intensiv bedrückt, sondern auch den Alltag der Institution Psychiatrie unnötig verzerrt.

Jörg Widmann leads the Irish Chamber Orchestra in an eclectic program

Jörg Widmann and the Irish Chamber Orchestra © Stephanie Berger
Soprano Claron McFadden's pellucid voice tremendously contributed to the structural and sonic richness of Widmann's Versuch über die Fuge.

Multi-media stress test for Antwerp’s new hall

Claron McFaddon © Koen Broos
Overshadowed by its Hanseatic cousin Hamburg, Antwerp recently celebrated the opening of its own new concert hall. In his Symphony no. 2, Wim Henderickx tested the hall's capabilities with a multi-media extravaganza.

An American Journey... with Elvis on bassoon

Always with an eye for the unusual, The Hebrides Ensemble surpassed themselves brilliantly with a lively programme of Amerian influenced music, including Elvis on bassoon.

Martijn Padding's new opera Laika launched at the Holland Festival

Martijn Padding's opera Laika is let down by its libretto, which illustrates that though authors may write successful novels, this doesn’t necessarily imply they can also produce good theatre texts.

Première of Michel van der Aa's Sunken Garden at the Barbican

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the phrase “3D occult mystery film opera”? Because I’ll bet that whatever this makes you imagine is nothing like the reality of composer/director Michel van der Aa and librettist David Mitchell’s Sunken Garden, which debuted at the Barbican last night.