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Performer: Joby Burgess

Neue Kritikenmehr...

Captivating new percussion works from Nonclassical at Oval Space

The second instalment of Nonclassical’s “Pioneers of Percussion” Festival last Saturday at Oval Space in east London paired two classics of the percussion repertoire with two new works, and featured the young and ambitious Multi-Story Orchestra. It is a great testament to the quality of these new works that they not only held their own, but were indeed the highlights of the evening.

Thrashing the Sea God – with feeling

The 2012 Tête à Tête opera festival is continuing on the bold course begun in 2007. Over halfway through its breathless 18-day schedule, it all seems as fresh as when it started. Its sixth season contains some typically outlandish operatic gems, most relatively brief in length.

London Contemporary Orchestra at the Reverb Festival

There's classical music, and there's pop. You can throw as many violins into the bridge section as you like, and you can amplify the orchestra all you want as well. It's unfortunate, but a certain divide looks set to stay.

A Steve Reich experience at St Paul's School

Do you remember when Steve Reich, “America’s greatest living composer”, came to your school concert and you performed his seminal work Clapping Music with the great man? No? Well, Joshua Kellie does. Joshua was one of the talented (and fortunate) St Paul’s School pupils chosen to perform in a concert in honour of the minimalist composer on his 75th birthday.

Joby Burgess and Matthew Sharp in uncharted territory

It’s not every evening that you hear a composition played on two serrated Nigerian Fanta bottles. Nor is it every evening that you hear pieces by Schumann and David Byrne (formerly of Talking Heads) in the same concert. Nor, for that matter, do cellists often sing. As this concert’s title suggested, ‘Uncharted’ at Kings Place was very much a trip into the unknown.