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Werk: Der Nussknacker

Veranstaltungen zu klassischer Musik, Oper, Ballett und Tanz finden
KomponistTschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch (1840-1893)

TokyoThe Nutcracker

Tschaikowsky: Der Nussknacker
Wayne Eagling; National Ballet of Japan; Misato Tomita; TBC; Naoji Kawaguchi; Ayako Maeda

SalzburgJolanthe / Der Nussknacker

Leslie Suganandarajah; Thomas Mika; Salzburger Landestheater; Mozarteumorchester Salzburg; Reginaldo Oliveira

HamburgDer Nussknacker

Tschaikowsky: Der Nussknacker
John Neumeier; Hamburg Ballett; Simon Hewett; Jürgen Rose; Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg

StockholmThe Nutcracker

Tschaikowsky: Der Nussknacker
Marius Petipa; Lev Ivanov; Pär Isberg; Royal Swedish Ballet; Bo-Ruben Hedwall; Ann-Mari Anttila; Torkel Blomkvist; Royal Swedish Orchestra


Tschaikowsky: Der Nussknacker
Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna; James Conlon
Neue Kritikenmehr...

Unter den Augen des Paten: Edward Clugs Nussknacker in Stuttgart

Edward Clug bringt Tschaikowskys Ballett als brillanten farbenreichen Bilderbogen auf die Bühne. 

Jolanthe und der Nussknacker: Volksoper Wien lässt die Puppen tanzen

Lotte de Beer wagt ein Capriccio aus Peter Tschakowskys Jolanthe und dem Nussknacker. Durchweg unterhaltsam, aber nicht bahnbrechend.

Der Nussknacker: Geschenkeschlacht statt Zuckerguss in München

Karl Alfred Schreiners Inszenierung versucht sich an einer modernen Variante. Trotz vieler Ideen kann Tschaikowskys Weihnachtsmärchen allerdings nicht vollkommen überzeugen.

Tänzerisches Weihnachtsmärchen

Das russische klassische Staatsballett führte mit Tschaikowskis Nussknacker seine jungen und jung gebliebenen Zuschauer im Kongresshaus Heidelberg ausdrucksstark und in vollendeter Schönheit in die wundersame Welt der Weihnacht.

Weihnachtliches Zauberwerk

Mit viel Liebe zum Detail und einer interessanten Mischung aus alten und neuen Choreographie Elementen stimmt Peter Breuers Nussknacker am Salzburger Landestheater auf Weihnachten ein.
Tomomi Sato as Marie in Scottish Ballet's Nutcracker © Graham Wylie
© Graham Wylie

In Europe and North America, there’s no question about which is the most popular ballet ever created: Marius Petipa’s The Nutcracker is miles ahead of the pack. It’s become a staple Christmas family entertainment, even for people who are not habitual ballet-goers.

The Nutcracker’s magic is very deep. The fairy-tale story, which comes from E. T. A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, gives boundless scope to children’s imagination, with the biggest flights of fancy coming in Act II in the series of dances performed for Marie and the Prince, each with its own exotic flavour. It all seems to infect stage designers and choreographers: over the years, they have produced a miraculous variety of delightful settings. But the biggest miracle of all is Tchaikovsky’s music, which creates the atmosphere of fairy tale and breathes life into the characters - even the wooden ones.

Children of all ages love The Nutcracker: for many dancers, it was a performance of the Nutcracker that first brought them into ballet. You can read a selection of quotes below from children of all ages who have seen it and never forgotten their experience. By the way, the heroine is either called Clara or Marie: both names are used!

We're very grateful to the Royal Academy of Dance and Central Scotland Ballet School and those pupils who answered our questions, and to Scottish Ballet for the photo.


Whether you're taking a teenager...

I first saw the Nutcracker when I was two, but it had an utterly huge impact on me because 14 years later I can still visualise the breathtaking dancing and hear the incredible music! Definitely one of the biggest highlights of my childhood.
Brogan, 16
My favourite bit is the Pas de Deux of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince as I love the lifts they do! I remember the first time I went to see it I was quite young, and watching all the children dancing in the first Act, at the Christmas party, was really fun as you don't often get to see children dancing in ballet productions...The music is amazing and the costumes and set are so Christmassy it really gets you in the festive mood! I really enjoyed all of it!
Katrina, 18
...I was at Covent Garden with my dad! I ... remember the opening scene, the toymaker was pottering around his workshop making toys...Last time I was dancing in it and my most prominent memory was of the pas de deux with the prince and sugar plum fairy!...The dancers were dancing with all their hearts, the amount of effort was incredible. They were so perfect!
Aisling O'Keefe, 13
The best part is when Clara goes to meet the different characters in her dream. I remember the King and Queen dancing in the real snow on the stage, and the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing with the Prince in the land of sweets.
Hannah, 13
I've seen it twice and loved the Christmas feeling of it all, the growing christmas tree, the festivities, the land of snow and sweets. Such amazing memories of both performances, was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time!
Clara, 12

Or someone younger...

I think the Nutcracker is magical. I like when the christmas tree grows huge, and when the Nutcracker and the mice fight and the mice jump over their tails like skipping ropes. I think the sugar Plum fairy is pretty and I like it when she dances with the prince in the land of sweets.
Phoebe-Rae, 10

What do you love best in the Nutcracker?
...when [Clara] received a present from her aunty wich is a toy "Nutcracker". Sofia D
...when they pick up all the presents. Sofia L
I love Clara the best. She is about the same age as me and always dances beautifully. The first time I saw it I remember laughing at the Bon-bons! They made me laugh so much! The last time I saw the Nutcracker, I remember the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. My mum was crying (as usual) because it was so lovely. I’ve been a Liquorice Allsort in the Nutcracker with Ballet West. It was nerve-wracking but exciting and amazing to be in such a famous ballet. I loved it! I’m going to be in it again in February.
Eve, 11
I have seen the Nutcracker ballet 4 times and I’ve danced in it too with Ballet West as a Bon-bon. I had to do back flips! My favourite character is Mother Ginger and all the Bon-bons and I like the pas de deux because it is beautiful.
Dayna, 10
My favourite bit was the big skirt Mother Ginger had and all the Bon-bons that were hiding underneath!
Claudia, 11
I saw the Nutcracker with my Gran when I was only 7. I can remember the beautiful dance Clara did when she got saved from the rats and mice... When I grow up I want to dance in the Nutcracker and be a ballerina.
Polly, 10
What do you remember about the first time you ever saw it?
Myla, age 7