Notice anything different?

Here at Bachtrack, we’ve been changing things around a bit, and are delighted to unveil a totally new site design. We’ve crafted it especially so that you can get the most out of our unparalleled classical listings and our extensive, detailed coverage of events around the world. There’s a lot to tell you about what’s new – here are a few of the key highlights.


  • Responsive design. The new Bachtrack is specially designed so that it works well across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones. The page will resize depending on how big your screen is, allowing you to get the most from the site whatever you’re up to.

  • Local editions. We remain proud to be a global website, but we've realised that this isn't always the most useful feature when you’re looking for events near you. So now you can select from a variety of “editions” by clicking on the button in the top right-hand corner (it probably says “GLOBAL - EN” right now) and choosing where you are. More editions for more countries and regions will follow soon.

    Once you’re using a local edition, the event finder will automatically search only for events in the country or region you’ve chosen. You can easily switch back to the global edition at any point to see all of our content instead.

Languages. If you play around with the different editions, you’ll also see a few options for changing language: we have translated the site structure – properly translated, not just bunged through Google Translate – into French and German, allowing you to navigate the site with ease in these languages. We have further exciting plans here, so stay tuned… restez à l’écoute… bleiben Sie dran…

  • New pages for artists and venues. We now have dedicated pages for all performers, composers and venues that feature in our database, from Sakari Oramo to Benjamin Britten to Madrid’s Teatro Real. All these pages will update themselves as new content comes into the site.

  • New pages for countries, regions and cities. We have also made new pages for locations around the world, likewise displaying dynamic, constantly updating content local to that place. From Amsterdam to Bristol to California, we’ve got it covered!

  • Watch Online listings. We are delighted to be working with several organizations including the Metropolitan Opera, the Berliner Philharmoniker and Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra to provide listings of their online performance archives – we have listings from the Met On Demand as well as the Berlin Phil’s Digital Concert Hall, all here and ready for you to browse.

    More and more classical organisations are putting performances online, both live and archived, and we’re very excited about providing the same quality listings service for online broadcasts as we do for live performance.

  • Improved interface for adding listings. If you use Bachtrack to list events, you’ll notice some changes to the input system – especially if you’re listing opera, where it’s now possible to list multiple performance dates and times for a single listing. If you are registered to add events, log in and head to the “Admin” menu in the top left-hand corner, and take it from there…

  • Most importantly of all, we’ve given the site a pretty serious makeover, as you’ve probably already noticed. We hope you like the new design as much as we do, and that you’ll bear with us if there are any initial problems (you can always contact us if you’re really concerned about something). And, of course, we hope you find the new Bachtrack useful, and that you can use the site to find some great live music near you – or even right here on your computer.