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Música clásica, ópera, ballet y danza en Venice, Italia

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Buscador de conciertos de música clásica, óperas, espectáculos de ballet y danza
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VeniceLes Heures claires

Les Heures claires
Boulanger, Chaminade, Holmès, Sohy, Bonis, Jaëll
Cyrille Dubois; Tristan Raës

VeniceAround the piano

Around the piano
Farrenc, Bonis
Quatuor Zaide; Gloria Campaner; Blanche Stromboni

VeniceMel Bonis

Mel Bonis
I Giardini

VeniceLe Songe de Cléopâtre

Le Songe de Cléopâtre
Bonis, De Montgéroult, Jaëll, Farrenc, Chaminade
Ismaël Margain; Guillaume Bellom

VeniceD'un matin de printemps

D'un matin de printemps
Chaminade, de Grandval, Sohy
Trio Sōra

VeniceLegendary Women

Legendary Women
Morel, Sohy, Jaëll, Bonis
Marie Vermeulin, Piano
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Beware Posa! A black, bleak Don Carlo opens season at La Fenice

Alex Esposito (Filippo II) © Michele Crosera
Maestro Myung-Whun Chung leads an almost all-Italian cast in an impressive performance of Verdi’s most ambiguous masterpiece.

Les mélodies du Palazzetto Bru Zane : les promesses de Judith Fa

Judith Fa © Matteo De Fina
À Venise, le Centre de musique romantique française organise un festival consacré aux musiciens dans la Grande Guerre. Le deuxième concert proposait des mélodies interprétées par Judith Fa et Damien Lehman.

Mer à Venise : Jean Cras ouvre le festival du Palazzetto Bru Zane

Valeria Kafelnikov (harpe), Philippe Bernold (flûte) et le Trio Opus 71 © Giulia Trevisanato
Le Centre de la musique romantique française a ouvert son festival dédié aux musiciens dans la Grande Guerre, ce samedi à Venise, avec un concert consacré à Jean Cras.

A second chance for a teenager Mozart in Venice

Il re pastore at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice © Michele Crosera
Il re pastore seems to be a work that deserves to be included in the repertoire for its undoubted qualities and not only because it foreshadows the genius of the works that will follow.

Young Mozart returns to Venice: Il sogno di Scipione

Il sogno di Scipione © Michele Crosera
Three sopranos and three tenors express a catalogue of "affections" in musical numbers full of coloratura and virtuosic effects that are already 100% Mozart despite the young age of the composer.

A psychological Macbeth at La Fenice

Vittoria Yeo (Lady Macbeth) and Luca Salsi (Macbeth) © Michele Crosera
This is one of Michieletto's simplest stagings yet, the imagery used to a minimum to allow for focus on the psychological core.