With festival season fast approaching, what it is about certain festivals which draw people back year after year? We spoke to some regular attendees to get the ‘inside track’ on what makes their festival so special. Here, we discover the inside track on BRQ Vantaa.

© BRQ Vantaa
© BRQ Vantaa

What is it about this festival that makes you return year after year?

The program is always interesting and the performances are very high quality. The atmosphere is cosy, the festival is well organized and the venues are good for the music performed.

What tips would you offer would-be attendees about the best places to sit in the venue?

Stay in the central part of the church and face the musicians (not the side)

What are the acoustics like?

The acoustics are good enough for me.

Where are the best places to eat before/ after the concert?

Coffee before the concert with other festival guests is a nice experience, although more seats would be nice. Hotel Vantaa has ok food.

Is there a dress code? What should I wear?

There is no dress code. It is warm and summer – wear what you feel comfortable in!

How far in advance is it best to book tickets? Any booking tips?

Book in advance, in early April-May from the festival’s own webstore, then you can have the best seats. Also, during the festival, you can buy tickets if your hunger grows

What other cultural activities are there to do in the region?

The venues are also interesting, because you can see how different ages are present. The church is the oldest building in the region and the chapel is brand new with interesting arts.

Also you can have guided tours in connection to the concert. The village has houses from the 18th century and some of the houses can be opened for visitors. Informative lectures before the concerts would be nice.

Heureka Science Park and the Finnish Aviation Museum are close. Heureka is the model for many science centres in Europe: you can enjoy and learn the laws of Physics, geography or biology or you can even play air traffic control game and enjoy the mouse basketball game.

What makes your festival different to all the others?

The warm, welcoming spirit. Every concert is planned very well and you don’t have to mix the music up with circus attractions in order to appeal to everyone in the audience.

How is the best way to get to the venue? Drive? Where do I park? Is the convenient public transport?

There is plenty of parking place. Public transportation also works. The festival organizes ride-sharings, which is inexpensive. You can order it in advance from the festival’s webstore or just before the starting of the concert.

Where is a good place to stay?

Sokos Hotel Vantaa is good, but there are many hotels in Vantaa, due to the location of the airport.