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Fri 9 Mar at 12:00
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday
Works by Montague
Fri 9 Mar at 13:00
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday: After Ives... And Beyond
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Montague, Southern Lament
Montague, Paramell V
Montague, After Ives
Christina McMaster, Piano
Michaella Livadiotis, Piano
YaoYing Wang, Piano
Jiarui Li, Piano
Lewis Kingsley Peart, Piano
Fri 9 Mar at 14:30
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday: Beguiled
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Montague, Beguiled for solo piano (world premiere)
Montague, Haiku for piano, live electronics, and tape (world premiere)
Montague, Trio – 3 simultaneous performances (1 live; 2 pre-recorded on CD) of Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu in C♯ minor (world premiere)
Montague, Nun Mull for solo piano (world premiere)
Montague, Raga Capriccio for toy piano and tape (London premiere)
Montague, Eine Kleine Klangfarben Gigue for piano and ‘open’ mixed ensemble (London premiere)
Chi-Ling Lok, Piano
Helen Anahita Wilson, Piano
Jacky Zhang, Piano
Jenna Sung, Piano
Alexander Lingas, Piano
Stephen Montague, Electronics
Fri 9 Mar at 16:00
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday: Behold A Pole Horse!
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Montague, Dark Train Comin’ for solo harpsichord and music box
Montague, Folk Dances for violin and piano
Montague, Mira for solo piano
Montague, Vlug for flute, live electronics, and tape
Montague, Behold a Pale Horse
Madeleine Mitchell, Violin
Christina McMaster, Piano
Roxanna Shini, Piano
Jane Chapman, Harpsichord
Rebecca Griffiths, Flute
Stephen Montague, Electronics
Fri 9 Mar at 17:30
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday: Hound Dog Blues
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Montague, Five Easy Pieces
Montague, Autumn Leaves Collection
Montague, Hound Dog Blues
Fri 9 Mar at 19:30
Stephen Montague's 75th Birthday: Three Concertos and A Dead Cat Bounce
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Montague, Dead Cat Bounce
Montague, Disparate Dances for flute, harp, and chamber orchestra
Montague, Ritual: Ode to Changwon for prepared piano, 12 strings, and music boxes
Montague, Texas Pulp Fiction for 3 cowboys, beer bottles, and cow bells
Montague, Concerto for Piano & Orchestra
Nancy Ruffer, Flute
Oliver Wass, Harp
Jenna Sung, Piano
Rolf Hind, Piano
Project Instrumental
Harri Allan, Conductor
Dominic Murcott, Percussion
Gregory Rose, Percussion
Stephen Montague, Conductor
Fulham Symphony Orchestra
Marc Dooley, Conductor