There are so many parents looking at the “Concerts for Kids pages” that I thought I should give you some more suggestions. I have really contacted every venue and orchestra I can find to search out the children's concerts for you. If you find any other venues with events by all means let me know, and I'll contact them.

If your children are 8 years or older consider taking them to an adult concert. It could be either very cheap or free for them. Please read on and I'll explain.

Most orchestras are trying to encourage young people to come to concerts, so they offer half price seats or even better. Let the orchestra know the ages of the children you are bringing to confirm that are entitled to the discounts. Don't assume a venue will ask if you are bringing children and offer you a discount - in my experience they never do.
University Music Many universities and music colleges put on concerts every week. You may find there are concerts being performed at lunchtimes near where you work. These will take place during university term-time and typically cost £10 or less. Check your nearest University for more information.
Cavatina are a charity trying to get a younger audience for chamber music concerts. These are small groups of musicians who play professional music in a much smaller space than an orchestra would need. Chamber groups can therefore be found all over the country, often quite close to where you live. Cavatina support lots of chamber groups and offers to pay for all children between the ages of 8 and 22 who attend concerts of groups in their scheme. The list of groups in this scheme can be found by clicking here

You can search for concerts by price in our pages. You can already find some concerts that are free or where tickets are £10 or less by looking at the tab titled "More" on our database: You will see a list of the cheap concerts in our database. Click on the "Free concert" and you will find Free concerts.

Tips for taking children to adult concerts

  • If possible play them the piece you're going to see several times before going. It's easier to like something you are already familiar with. Check our pages: we've got downloads on the most popular pieces played which is a quick and easy way to get hold of the music.
  • Feed the children first, don't hope they'll be ok. My children fidget like crazy when they're hungry. I don't think they're unique. If you have to take food into the auditorium, do make sure it's quiet food, not in loud wrapping paper, or crunchy food, so no sweets or peanuts!
  • Choose a concert with several shorter pieces rather than one long one. There will be gaps between the shorter pieces where they can wriggle. The pieces will also be likely to be different from each other, so if your child doesn't like one piece, they might like the next.
  • Try to find a concert that's not on too late in the evening so the children are NOT tired. I know this is hard in the UK! Just remember that a concert is likely to last about 2 hours including an interval. You can always ask the length of the concert when you phone. The box office should be able to help you.