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Our solo horn player plays Strauss

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Stadttheater FürthKoenigstr. 116, Fürth, Bayern, 90762, Allemagne
Dates/horaires selon le fuseau horaire de Berlin

Richard Strauss’s composition of his second horn concerto in 1942 was inspired by memories of his childhood, and he dedicated the work to his father, who had been one of the leading horn players of his time. In this wistful retrospective, the venerable composer also harked back to the light-hearted works of the role models of his youth – Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn and Schumann. In a world that seemed to be falling apart in the midst of war, Strauss longed for ages past. This work will introduce our new solo horn player Andreas Kreuzhuber, who has won several international competitions. Before he makes his grand appearance, however, we will first hear an opera prelude by Max Bruch. Bruch always firmly believed: “The melodies of those who base their music on folksong will never become old and feeble.” Bruch’s opera “Hermione” is set not only in Sicily, but in a pastoral fantasy world – referred to in the piece as “Bohemia”! This work is a drama about the jealousy between King Leontes and his wife Hermione, which ends with the erection of a statue in her memory. We will end our concert by putting Edward Elgar centre stage: born in 1857 in an English provincial backwater, he was one of the most unusual self-taught musicians in history. Elgar was over 50 years old when he wrote his first symphony in 1908. It was one of his greatest successes and was even referred to as “Brahms’s Fifth”. Elgar himself described it as “heavenly music” – and before the premiere, the conductor Hans Richter said to the musicians: “Gentlemen, let us rehearse the greatest symphony of our time, and not only in England.”

Andreas Kreuzhuber © Marian Lenhard
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