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Bertrand de Billy conducts Pärt, Dutilleux and Ravel

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Konzerthalle Bamberg: Joseph Keilberth SaalMußstr. 1, Bamberg, Bayern, 96047, Allemagne
Décembre 06, 07 à 20:00

Arvo Pärt once said: “Immerse yourself in the second, hold it tight and live in it as if it were an eternity.” His interest in music started with a battered piano, as he recounted in a childhood memory: “When it got really bad, I just played silently and imagined a sound that was beautiful.” Later he encountered Gregorian chant – “music with soul”, which is reflected in his contemplative “tintinnabuli style”. Thus his meditative work “Spiegel im Spiegel” (“Mirror in Mirror”) plays with changing perspectives to evoke the sounds of times long past. Henri Dutilleux’s second symphony is equally enchanting. Dutilleux saw himself as a “composer of colours”. “Le double” gives the impression of a concerto grosso, as in it we have two orchestral groups acting independently of one another – but Dutilleux fills this traditional template with fascinating sounds.

Ravel’s “Tombeau”, which harks back to Couperin, opens up yet another window onto the baroque period. While full of the joy of playing, this piece was nevertheless was inspired by sad events – in this musical memorial, Ravel was trying to come to terms with the painful loss of his friends who had fallen in the First World War. His masterpiece “Boléro” is an original reflection on his Spanish roots. This mesmerising music repeats the same rhythmic pattern over and over like an automaton, becoming ever louder and more intense. “La Valse” is both an opulent glorification of and a fatalistic farewell to not just a dance, but an entire epoch – for in this “fantastic flourish”, Ravel set nothing less than an “apotheosis of the Viennese waltz” to music. The French conductor Bertrand de Billy will lead our orchestra’s performance of these magical pieces.

décembre 2019
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