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Musique classique, opéra, ballet et danse en Halle, Allemagne

Use Bachtrack's search facility to find concerts, opera and dance events not only in this city but right around the world. Bachtrack has the largest number of upcoming events of any website, and if you want to read reviews of events which have taken place here, or in another country, you can search here for exactly the reviews which interest you.

Rechercher des événements de musique classique, opéra et ballet
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Halle18th Organ Night

Gerhard Noetzel; Tobias Fraß; Martin Stephan; Irénée Peyrot


Haendel: Teseo
Attilio Cremonesi; Martin G. Berger; Oper Halle; Sarah-Katherina Karl; Esther Bialas; Liudmila Lokaichuk; Vanessa Waldhart

HalleCeremony at the Handel Memorial

Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg Chamber Orchestra; Stadtsingechor zu Halle; Blechbläser-Ensemble des Musikzweigs der Latina „August Hermann Francke"; Salzwirker-Brüderschaft im Thale zu Halle

HalleCarillon Concert

Ariane Toffel und Georg Wagner, town carillonneurs of Aschaffenburg and Bad Godesberg

HalleCantatas I: La tempesta d’amore

GAP Ensemble; Raffaella Milanesi

HalleGala concert with Valer Sabadus and Andrea Marcon

Venice Baroque Orchestra; Andrea Marcon; Valer Sabadus
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Handel's somewhat rare oratorio Susanna in the Halle Handel Festival

Handel's Susanna at the Halle Handel Festival © Stiftung Händel-Haus
Handel's oratorio Susanna is often considered to be less than consistently dramatic and this performance in the Halle Handel Festival did little to dispel that view.

Festkonzert with Carolyn Sampson: Handel's Heroines

Carolyn Sampson and The King's Consort © Maria Scheunpflug
Carolyn Sampson returns joyfully to the Halle Handel Festival, accompanied by trumpeter Neil Brough and the King's Consort under Robert King.

“Madness” with Karina Gauvin at the Halle Handel Festival

Karina Gauvin and Le Concert de la loge © Stiftung Händel-Haus
Karina Gauvin provides a powerhouse recital of German, Italian and French Baroque music, with Handel dominating

Apollo e Dafne at the Handel Festival in Halle

Anna Prohaska, Vittorio Ghielmi and Fulvio Bettini with Il Suonar Parlante © Stiftung Händel-Haus
A performance of Handel's short masterpiece Apollo e Dafne at the Halle Handel Festival was somewhat disappointing but Fulvio Bettini impressed in the bass role.

Festkonzert with Genaux and Zazzo at the Halle Handel Festival 2019

Wolfgang Katschner, Vivica Genaux and Lawrence Zazzo with the Lautten Compagney Berlin © Thomas Ziegler
Vivica Genaux joins Lawrence Zazzo in a concert of arias and duets by Handel and other Baroque composers.

Simply outstanding: Arianna in Creta at the Halle Handel Festival

Francesca Aspromonte (Alceste) and Ann Hallenberg (Teseo) © Thomas Ziegler
A concert performance of Arianna in Creta at the Halle Handel Festival riveted the audience with the towering talent of Ann Hallenberg and uniformly fine singing, acting and playing.