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The Imaginary World Travels of Rijnvos and Dvorák

Concertgebouw: Main HallConcertgebouwplein 10, Amsterdam, North Holland, 1071 LN, Pays-Bas
Dates/horaires selon le fuseau horaire de Amsterdam
samedi 09 avril 202214:15

The sixth part of Richard Rijnvos' Grand Atlas cycle evokes an exhilarating imaginary world trip, alongside the famous works by Falla and Dvořák.

South America captured in sound
Although coronation times made world travel almost impossible, Richard Rijnvos has been travelling around the world - in his mind - since 2011 to map out all the continents musically for his Grand Atlas cycle . In 2016, Pablo Heras-Casado already conducted the third part Asie during the Saturday Matinee. Now the Spanish conductor returns for the premiere of the sixth movement, originally planned for 2020: Amérique du Sud. Birds from Brazil mix with the musical traditions of the Chiriguanos from Bolivia and the Mapuche from Patagonia, and with the Argentine tango.

Folk music according to Falla and Dvořák
Rijnvos allows folk music in his work. Much earlier already, folklore was an important source of inspiration for Manuel de Falla and Antonín Dvořák. In Noches en los jardines de España, the former captured the Spanish atmosphere that co-determined Latin American culture. And with his famous Ninth Symphony, Dvořák urged the North American continent to reflect on its own culture, even though in this work, the composer mainly expressed his nostalgia for his old Czech homeland.

* Commissioned by NTR Saturday Matinee, made possible in part by the Performing Arts Fund

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