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The magic of Advent with organ and the Symphonic Choir Bamberg

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Konzerthalle Bamberg: Joseph Keilberth SaalMußstr. 1, Bamberg, Bayern, 96047, Allemagne
Le dimanche 8 décembre 2019 at 17:00

The magic of Advent – a time of nostalgia and joy! Praising God in the vernacular instead of in Latin has a long tradition in England, starting with Purcell’s “Te Deum” of 1694. Britten likewise set the English text of this famous hymn in his splendid “Festival Te Deum” of 1944. John Rutter is famous around the globe for his elaborate choral music – the English medley thus represents multinational Christmas folk music in the best sense of the word. Besides organ improvisations and the popular Advent tune “Macht hoch die Tür”, we will also hear two of the famous chorales from Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio”. The colourful tones of the Bulgarian British composer Dobrinka Tabakova are truly seductive. She was inspired to write her “Centuries of Meditations” in 2012 by stained glass windows in churches and the poignant spirituality of the 17th-century metaphysical poet Thomas Traherne. This concert will feature the premiere of the organ version of this impressive musical creation. Liubov Nosova, our concert’s prize-winning soloist, grew up in St. Petersburg – and is thus familiar with all facets of Tchaikovsky’s works: she will show us how brilliant the sugar-sweet fairy-tale romance of his Christmas ballet “The Nutcracker” can sound upon the organ. In the 15th century, parodistic songs that jumped blithely between the learned language of Latin and the German vernacular were called “macaronic poetry” or “noodle verses”. One example that remains highly popular to this day is “In dulci jubilo! – Nun singet und seid froh!” We look forward to the first performance of the newly founded Bamberg Symphony Choir, conducted by its artistic director, the Estonian Tarmo Vaask.

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