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Accueil danse

Annulé: Emergence

OpernhausFalkenstrasse 1, Zürich, 8008, Suisse
Avril 09 19:00, avril 13 20:00, avril 19 14:00, mai 15 19:00, mai 16 19:00, mai 22 19:30, juin 09 19:00
Speak for YourselfMusique: compositeurs divers
Chorégraphie: Sol León, Paul Lightfoot
EmergenceMusique: Belton, Owen
Chorégraphie: Crystal Pite (Original)
Ballett Zürich Junior Company
Sol LeónDécors, Costumes
Tom BevoortLumières
Linda ChowCostumes
Alan BrodieLumières

This spectacular ballet evening features two dynamic choreographies – Speak for Yourself by Sol León/Paul Lightfoot and Emergence by Crystal Pite – that have been celebrated with ovations ever since they premiered in front of a packed house in January 2018.

Sol León from Spain and Paul Lightfoot from the United Kingdom have directed the Nederlands Dans Theater in Den Haag since 2001. Their characteristically flowing, soft choreographic style is infused with a dark, mysterious theatricality. In Speak for Yourself, two elements collide. Fire – as the masculine, destructive element – and water – associated with femininity and creativity – are dialectically dependent and enter into a conflict on stage during which the choreography unfurls to music from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of the Fugue and superimposed quotations from Steve Reich’s Come out. The Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite runs her own dance ensemble, Kidd Pivot, in Vancouver and – as one of the few women in this highly sensitive area – is a regular guest of the world’s most renowned dance companies. For Emergence, she was inspired by the collective behaviour of bees and attempted to transpose their «swarm intelligence» as a model for the creativity of a ballet company. To a sound collage by Owen Belton, the dancers indeed seem to be transformed into a bee colony – ingeniously balanced in choreographic terms between the abstraction and concretion of a recognisably insect-like habitus. Emergence is a group piece that reveals its strength primarily in the large-scale ensemble scenes, during which the dancers draw their energy from a sense of community. At the same time, however, dreamily beautiful duets and trios leave no doubt that every group consists of strong individuals.

juin 2020
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