We would love you to link your web site to Bachtrack. Here are some examples of links you can use.

Simple text link to our home page


HTML code: <a href="https://bachtrack.com">bachtrack.com</a> 

Image link to our home page

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HTML code: <a href="https://bachtrack.com"><img src="https://bachtrack.com/files/176247-bachtrack-logo-180x180.png"  alt="Bachtrack"/></a>

Image link to our video page

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HTML code: <a href="https://bachtrack.com/video"><img src="https://bachtrack.com/files/176246-find-video-on-bachtrack.png" alt="Find video on Bachtrack"/></a>

Linking to an "about" page

When the user clicks on this, he is taken to an "about" page which contains listings, reviews and other information about a particular subject, which could be a performer, a composer, a city or many other things. Here are some examples of "about" page links:





The right name to use will normally be your name converted to lower case with spaces and other special characters replaced by hyphens. If that doesn't work or if you're not sure, please contact us and we'll tell you.

Image link to an "about" page

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HTML code: <a href="https://bachtrack.com/performer/london-symphony-orchestra"><img src="https://bachtrack.com/files/176243-find-us-on-bachtrack.png" alt="Find London Symphony Orchestra on Bachtrack" /></a>

Link to your videos

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HTML code: <a href="https://bachtrack.com/search-events/medium=2/performer=london-symphony-orchestra"><img src="https://bachtrack.com/files/176245-our-videos-on-bachtrack.png" alt="Find London Symphony Orchestra videos on Bachtrack" /></a>